Blackbook's Dossiers


This belligerent dwarf can be a right asshole at times, but when you need a wheelman or drone support, there aren’t many I’d recommend over this guy. He fills just about any role you need him for. Probing building security? He’s got a drone for that. Need an extra set of eyes looking out for you? He’s got a drone for that. Air support? He’s got a drone for that. And if you really need someone to play nice, you could always hire a face, omae.

Second Sun

This guy comes recommended as an excellent spell-slinger, but he’s a bit of a loose cannon. He’ll go to any length to get the job done, null sweat, but his zealous approach could land him in a bit of hot water. But who am I kidding? That’s what you want. He’ll take a man down with a blast of fire, he puts down targets with lightning, but that’s some basic drek. Where he gets nasty is his diverse array of manipulation magic. Don’t piss this guy off, chummer.


I want you to picture the biggest, toughest troll in the Sprawl, then slap muscle augmentations over his already impressive frame. That’s Cassius. He packs an assault rifle and a combat axe and is fully capable of bringing some serious pain with them, but his real pride is archery. The rumour on the streets is that he can shoot down a helo with that bow, and chummer, I believe it.

Crash Zero

Not just any script-kiddie or even just a skilled hacker, this guy comes highly recommended for any run in which you need something done with some discretion. He’s got novahot skills in the Matrix and he’s not a bad conversationalist, either. Don’t expect him to throw down in a firefight, but don’t discount him, either. He’s a real wiz for bricking guns, cyberware, commlinks, you name it, and an excellent IC breaker as well.

Blackbook's Dossiers

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